Asset management


Xianghai Group implements a stable and diversified development strategy, expanding its business scope to asset management and commercial operations, and continuously improving its business layout. The business development has now covered fields such as commerce, industry, warehousing and logistics, providing customers with professional and high-quality hardware and supporting services.
The group owns a series of properties including Guangzhou Yingjun Business Building, Xianghai Baoyue Building, Poly Zibin Mansion, Poly Skyline Building, Dali Shuitou Commercial Center, Lishui Guangfo Logistics Park, and so on. Due to its advantageous geographical location, complete supporting facilities, beautiful environment, and convenient transportation, the project market has received a warm response. Among them, the groups own property, Guangzhou Yingjun Business Building, is adjacent to the intersection of Guangzhou Metro Line 9 and Fenghuang North Road. It has settled in several well-known state-owned enterprises such as China Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, and Jiujiang Bank, making it a first-class business center in Huadu District, Guangzhou.
In the future, the group will continue to expand its commercial footprint in asset management and operations by strengthening strategic cooperation with globally renowned enterprises.